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Billie's Head ShotBillie Dragoo, President & CEO of RepuCare, and 2015 Touchstone Chairperson, invites you to the “Make Your Mark” Touchstone Awards.

Save the Date: July 9th!

More information here.

Blog | "The Inspiration Project"
  • In the Summer, We Read
    My whole life has centered on reading. To this day I can close my eyes and picture Mrs. Bex. She was one of the most influential teachers I ever...
  • Only 119 Years Later
    Finally, well in 2020, there will be a new face on the #TheNew10. The U.S. government will be catching up with the times of gender equality and putting the...
  • Strong, Smart, and Bold Athletes in the News
    Who says women can’t be strong, smart, and bold on the court or on the field? Being an athlete takes hard work, dedication, and passion. And, all women can...
  • Meet Maria Paez: Public Relations Intern
    We are excited to welcome the newest addition to our Girls Inc. team, Maria Paez! Get to know what makes her strong, smart, and bold. What will be your role...