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This year, resolve to empower girls! Consider giving to Girls Inc. and we will provide hands-on programs that address the challenges that girls still face. Giving to Girls Inc. is investing in the future of a girl in your community—and investing in a girl means investing in society.

Blog | "The Inspiration Project"
  • Meet Jordan: Former Girls Inc. Girl, Current Volunteer, Future Surgeon
    Jordan Finch is truly an inspiring woman. She is passionate, hard-working, strong, smart, and bold. We are proud to have alumna serve as volunteer program facilitators. “Involvement in Girls Inc....
  • EQ + IQ = Success
    I work part-time as a cashier, and I must say that chitchatting with everyone – especially the children – is my favorite part of the job. Every time school-aged...
  • 21st Century Welcomes Barbie
    There are many different reactions to Barbie’s new image. In case you haven’t heard, after many years of criticism over Barbie’s unrealistic body type, Barbie finally got a makeover...
  • We All Need Someone In Our Corner
    As National Mentoring Month comes to an end, that does not mean conversations about mentoring stop here. Mentoring is an important factor in preventing risky behavior in youth and...