Welcome to our Resources Page!

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis is proud to announce our new Resources Page. While many of us are home these days during social distancing due to COVID-19, our trained and dedicated staff want to ensure that your girls (or, really, any child in your home!) can access strong, smart, and bold activities remotely.

Please feel free to utilize the links, arranged by age group below. The links will download as printable PDFs that you can use at home, or on your mobile device, computer or tablet.

Activities for Girls 6-8

  • Strong, Smart, and Bold Card Game: This game challenges girls to be strong through exercise, uses their minds to question what true beauty really is, and dares them to be bold through silly challenges!
  • Learn a Hula With Mila!: Take a fun trip to virtual Hawaii and learn the hula!
  • Stuffed Animal Workout: Grab your favorite stuffed animal and follow along with this interactive and fun physical activity!
  • Make Your Own Mancala Board Game: Girls will DIY their very own mancala board game using a few simple household items.
  • My Special Talents: With the support of a trusted adult, girls will explore the talents that make them unique and create a Talent T-shirt.
  • Five Senses Empathy Experiments: Let’s practice empathy in a fun way by using our five senses to understnad how others feel!
  • Drawing Using a Reference Photo: This activity is focused on learning how to use a reference photo to draw an animal.
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Girls will conduct a scavenger hunt searching for common items in their rooms and living areas.
  • Letter to a Friend: Write a letter to your good friend, put a stamp on the letter and send it through the mail! Maybe you’ll get a letter back!
  • ABCs of Saving: Girls will learn about the importance of saving and make a plan to save for an item of their choice.
  • Science Exploration with Wow in the World: Girls will explore the wonders of the world with the kids’ podcast, Wow in the World.
  • Family Put-Up Party: Let’s make posters to reminder our family how loved and special they are!
  • Rainbow Poem: Girls will express creativity and make a poem using rainbow colors and words.

Activities for Girls 9-11

Activities for Girls 12-14

Activities for Girls 15-18

At Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, we are committed to inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold everyday.