Shout Out for Women

Behind every great woman is a bunch of other great women.

At Girls Inc., we inspire girls to be confident and proud of who they are. Our girls grow smart, strong, and bold due in large part to the mentorship and community of other women and girls. 

This month, we invite you to reflect on the women who stood for you. Submit a shout out for the woman or women in your life who have supported, encouraged, and mentored you.

Then, stand with girls by sharing your story on social media with #shoutoutforwomen or making a donation to keep our programs going.

Shout outs

A shout out to Kiamesha from Karina

Kiamesha – not only do you have a brilliant mind, you have such an incredible, kind, and selfless soul. Your friendship means the world to me.

A shout out to Angela from Karina

Thank you for being an incredible role model for female entrepreneurs and leaders. You are the epitome of strength and boldness – never backing down on a challenge or new opportunity.

A shout out to Becky from Amber

Champion Becky!!! You are a champion for all of our external partnerships and a megaphone for the value we add. You are also a
champion for me. You have picked me up when I needed support. You continue to fuel my passion for coaching others. My torch keeps going because you keep the pilot light going!! Thank you!!!

A shout out to Deb from Brittany

Deb, thank you for always being in my corner and listening to my career goals and aspirations. Your leadership and guidance have helped me become the most confident version of myself in my professional and personal life.

A shout out to Susan from Mackenzie

Susan, I am so grateful for your coaching and support. Your strong, smart, and bold leadership has been incredibly influential in my life. Thank you!

A shout out to Elyssa from Mackenzie

Thank you for being an incredible role model and mentor to so many in our community, including myself. I am grateful for your empathetic, passionate, and strong leadership!

A shout out to Amber from Mackenzie

Thank you for being a constant in my life! I appreciate your guidance and mentorship, not only in my professional life, but also personally. I am so grateful for you!

A shout out to Nicole from Gabby

Nicole, thanks for always taking the time to share resources and ideas with me as a newbie in SaaS. I love the way you lead, and hope to connect again soon!

A shout out to Donna from Joan

Donna is wise, genuine and a mentor to so many. She has been instrumental in many success stories at the F.C. Tucker Company. As part of the leadership team at the largest real estate brokerage in Indiana, Donna strategized daily for the last 12+ months, to navigate on behalf of our busy agents, protocol for the unprecedented times. Most of all, she is a wonderful friend.

A shout out to Markedia from Caryn

I want to shout out my best friend Markedia, who is a stellar example
of living out loud and being strong, smart, and bold! She is a
creative leader, problem solver, world traveler, and super fancy on
the weekends! She has shown me that hard work, planning, and setting
goals can set you worlds apart in just a little time.

A shout out to Tehea from Cheryl

I’m sending a warm shoutout to Tehea Harding for modeling what it means to be a strong, smart and bold woman leader.  Tehea is employed in executive leadership, is an advocate for change, volunteers in her community and promotes her family. In her presence, she reminds me to be my best at all times and in all things.

A shout out to Liasia from Cheryl

Liasia is the best friend/sister any girl (of any age) could ever ask for!  She has provided guidance, insight and encouragement to pursue the very best in my life.  She is a woman of strength and faith. I am honored to have her as one of my personal cheerleaders!

A shout out to Sarah from Suzie

Sarah has been one of my absolute best friends since we started our professional careers together 13 years ago. She is incredibly smart, hardworking, driven, genuine and is an amazing mother, mentor and friend. I am always grateful for her friendship and support.

A shout out to Joyce from Cheryl

I’m sending a huge shoutout to my mother, Joyce Carter.  She has been the most influential woman in my life to date.  She has been an incredible role model for me – daughter, wife, mother, friend and community leader.  She continues to push and encourage me daily and for that I am eternally grateful.

A shout out to Michelle from Beth

For being a role model for me, showcasing how women can navigate and succeed in business. She is fearless in taking new roles and opportunities, which I have tried to immolate.

A shout out to Marianne from Suzie

My mom has been and will always be the strongest person and greatest influence in my life. She always supports me and has shaped me to be the person I am today, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

A shout out to Debby from Beth

For all her years of mentorship and guidance. She was instrumental in my growth as leader and is still a valued sounding board.

A shout out to Sally from Jeannie

A shout out to Sally Biddle McGuffey who from the day I met her believed in me.  She taught me that strong women leaders value empathy, joy and gratitude. When I think about Girls Inc.’s mission -Strong, Smart, Bold – I think of Sally.  Thank you for your friendship and for inspiring me and for encouraging excellence.

A shout out to Erin from Suzie

Erin has been a great mentor and advocate of mine since I met her almost 3 years ago. One of her greatest qualities is really listening to others and showing compassion. On top of being an incredible mom and friend, she is a fantastic leader and supporter of women everywhere!

A shout out to Casey from Beth

Her passion to improve the lives of her students is an inspiration to me. Her friendship and support have been invaluable to my success.