Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp

The Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis Day Camp is an affordable program that focuses on the words in our mission statement – strong, smart, bold, and inspired. Our summer camp is designed to inspire girls, ages 6-14, by challenging them mentally, enhancing their physical ability, promoting creativity, and encouraging them to take risks. Summer camp includes hands-on activities in a friendly all-girl environment.

A typical day for campers includes four activity sessions, including Girls Inc. focused curricula and activities hosted by our expert community collaborators, structured play, weekly field trips, lunch and snacks, as well as time to build positive relationships with peers.

The cost of camp provides trained, enthusiastic staff, age-appropriate programming, field trips, lunch, and snack, and a Girls Inc. t-shirt.

Registration Deadline: Friday, June 3rd

Questions about our in person Summer Camp at Girls Inc.?

Girls Inc. Summer Camp offers:

  • Trained, enthusiastic staff
  • Age-appropriate programs and activities
  • Lunch and snack provided daily
  • T-shirt included
  • Friendly, girls only environment
  • Community field trips
  • Scholarship assistance for families who qualify

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Build your athletic abilities. Learn basic tips and techniques to keep you safe. Participate in fun ways to exercise. Be inspired by nutrition and healthy living.


Discover your inner scientist. Explore careers and opportunities in the technology field. Serve the community through a hands-on service project.


Discover your inner beauty and boost your self-esteem. Learn how to define beauty on your own terms. Bring out your inner artist.


Exhibit your personal talents and showcase your inner beauty. Learn about the various forms of art. Learn about amazing local women.


Where will camp be held?
International School of Indiana located at 4330 N Michigan Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46208
Do you offer any scholarship assistance for camp?
Yes, we do offer need based partial scholarship assistance to those that qualify.

  • The scholarship application deadline is Friday, April 15.
  • Scholarships will be announced by email on or around May 6th.
  • A letter of agreement will be emailed to you. It must be signed and returned to accept the scholarship and terms associated with the scholarship funds. Digital signature will be accepted.

Process to apply:

  • You must first register and pay the non-refundable registration fee of $25 per girl. This is not covered by scholarship and must be paid in order to reserve a spot in camp.
  • Submit income verification in one or more of the following forms for all working adults in the household for 2020: 2020 tax returns, W2 income statements (First 2 pages), Work One wage printout, unemployment documentation, Family and Social Services Administration reward letter, Social Security Administration benefit letter.
  • Provide a written statement explaining why your family needs financial aid, and how it might impact your finances if you do not qualify for assistance.
  • Applications received after the deadline will be considered if scholarships are still available.
  • Incomplete applications will be denied.

Download the 2022 Scholarship Application (PDF)

What will my child do every day?
Our summer day camps are designed to inspire girls, ages 6-14, by challenging them mentally, enhancing their physical ability, promoting creativity, and encouraging them to take risks. Summer camp includes hands-on activities in a friendly all-girl environment.

  • Since our activities change every week you will be provided with a weekly schedule.
  • On field trip days send your child in their Girls Inc. camp T-shirt.
Is food included in the camp fee? Can my child bring their own lunch?
  • Girls will be offered box lunch on site every day. If your girl has a specific dietary need, please communicate that with the summer camp prior to the start of camp. You can reach the team at
  • All girls will be offered breakfast (served between 7:30-8:30am) and an afternoon snack (served around 3:30pm) every day.
  • Girls will have regular access to water fountains, but are encouraged to bring a water bottle to keep with them throughout the day. Be sure to put a name on the water bottle!
How do you handle discipline issues at camp?
All girls and their parents/guardians must sign a Behavior Agreement prior to attending camp. This agreement is established to ensure the safety of all girls, staff, and volunteers.

Please be sure to review this agreement with the participating girl(s) and verify that she completely understands the agreement and consequences associated with the agreement. There are no refunds for any child that withdraws or is suspended or expelled due to behavior.

  • Behavior Consequences
    • First Offense – Verbal reminder of expectations.
    • Second Offense – Remove the girl from the group for a time-out. Time-out will be nothing more physically restricting than sitting or standing away from the group. Time-out is limited to one minute per year of their age and will not exceed 15 min.
    • Third Offense – Conference with the parent/guardian.
  • Suspension Policy
    The following offenses will require more severe discipline, such as suspension or expulsion:

    • Stealing
    • Verbal or physical abuse to anyone including other campers and staff.
    • Possession or consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol.
    • Swearing or other inappropriate language.
    • Bringing a weapon onto the premises.
    • Gross insubordination – for example, absolute refusal to follow the rules.
What are the dates for the camp?
Monday–Friday, 7:30am-5:30pm

  • Strong Week: June 13th – 17th
  • Smart Week: June 20th – 24th
  • Bold Week: June 27th – July 1st
  • Inspired Week: July 4th – 8th
How much does camp cost? What is included in the fee?
  • The cost per week is $130 per girl. This all-inclusive fee includes daily lunch and snacks, a summer camp T-shirt, and program materials.
  • There is a non-refundable one-time processing fee of $25 per girl due at time of registration.
  • Payment options are available online only
    • Pay in full at the time of registration.
    • Pay online on or before due dates. Please see the chart below.
  • A $25 fee will be assessed to your account for all returned checks.
  • Payments must be made on time according to the following schedule. Failure to pay the weekly fees by the due date will cause your child to lose their spot in camp.
Weekly Camp Theme Payment Due Date Dates of Camp
Strong Friday, June 10th June 13th – 17th
Smart Friday, June 17th June 20th – 24th
Bold Friday, June 24th June 27th – July 1st
Inspired Friday, July 1st July 4th – 8th
Will girls be required to wear masks? What should my child wear to camp?
Girls Inc. will provide disposable masks for staff and girls to wear at all times. Parents/Guardians can send girls with personal cloth masks if desired.

We are very active and sometimes messy when we are doing activities. We want girls to be prepared to participate in all of the fun projects, so play clothes will work best for our active camp. Pants, capris, close-toed shoes, and shorts are preferred.

Who are the counselors and what training have they received?
Our camp is led by enthusiastic staff members who deliver hands-on, age-appropriate activities to inspire girls in a fun, friendly environment.

  • Each staff member is trained in CPR, first aid, girl development, conflict resolution, team building, and overall safety to ensure that your girl has a great camp experience.
  • All staff and volunteers working with the girls have undergone extensive interviews, criminal background screenings and reference checks.

Girls are constantly supervised by Girls Inc. staff in the building.

What if there is an emergency? Who should I contact?
The Summer Camp Coordinators will be on site at all times, and will be accessible via email and phone. All families will receive contact information for the Summer Camp Coordinators prior to the start of camp.

The Outreach Manager will also be an emergency contact for you.

Contact information will be provided to all parents/guardians of enrolled campers as we get closer to the start of camp.

Will parents/guardian be able to enter the building? What are the pick-up and drop-off procedures?
  • To ensure the utmost safety of girls and staff, parents/guardians will be required to wear a mask and only have access to a designated area at the entrance for specific pick-up and drop-off times. Any parents/guardians needing to enter the building for other reasons must speak with a Girls Inc. staff member prior to arrival.
  • More pick-up and drop-off detailed information will be provided during Parent Orientation.
  • Adding someone to the authorized pick-up list must be done in person and in writing. This is to ensure the safety of all the girls at camp. You may not call and request for others to pick-up your camper because we cannot verify your identity over the phone.
  • Any person picking up a girl will need photo identification and must be on the authorized pick-up list. If they are not on the list, we will not release your child.
What about personal belongings?
Girls Inc. requests that personal items of participants be limited to a water bottle. Lunch boxes are approved for those opting out of our provided lunches. Girls are responsible for their own personal belongings. Please put their name on everything that you send to camp to ensure its safe return to its rightful owner. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items brought to camp.

Girls are responsible for their own personal belongings. Please put a name on everything that you send to camp to ensure its safe return to its rightful owner. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items brought to camp, so please label everything and do not send any valuables.

My child takes daily medication. Is this okay to send to camp?
No over-the-counter medications will be given to any child, nor are they allowed at camp.

Any medication brought to camp by the girl’s parent/guardian must be in the original pharmacy bottle, with the girl’s name and instructions for administering the medicine printed on the label.

The Summer Camp Coordinator will be responsible for keeping all medicine in a locked cabinet and will administer the dosage as prescribed.

Is there any other information I need to know?
  • We will ask that all girls wear masks during camp this year. Girls Inc. will provide disposable masks, but you are more than welcome to provide a disposable or cloth mask for your girl.
  • If your child is ill, you will be responsible for picking up the child as soon as possible. There isn’t a nurse’s office, so we are not equipped with the resources to care for a sick child for long.
  • A parent/guardian bulletin board will be by the check-in desk with daily announcements.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. If it is valuable, please do not send it to camp.
  • Our federal tax ID number for tax purposes is 35-1337205.
If your question is not mentioned here, feel free to send us a message or email