Activities for Girls 6-8

  • Strong, Smart, and Bold Card Game: This game challenges girls to be strong through exercise, uses their minds to question what true beauty really is, and dares them to be bold through silly challenges!
  • Learn a Hula With Mila!: Take a fun trip to virtual Hawaii and learn the hula!
  • Stuffed Animal Workout: Grab your favorite stuffed animal and follow along with this interactive and fun physical activity!
  • Make Your Own Mancala Board Game: Girls will DIY their very own mancala board game using a few simple household items.
  • My Special Talents: With the support of a trusted adult, girls will explore the talents that make them unique and create a Talent T-shirt.
  • Five Senses Empathy Experiments: Let’s practice empathy in a fun way by using our five senses to understnad how others feel!
  • Drawing Using a Reference Photo: This activity is focused on learning how to use a reference photo to draw an animal.
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Girls will conduct a scavenger hunt searching for common items in their rooms and living areas.
  • Letter to a Friend: Write a letter to your good friend, put a stamp on the letter and send it through the mail! Maybe you’ll get a letter back!
  • ABCs of Saving: Girls will learn about the importance of saving and make a plan to save for an item of their choice.
  • Science Exploration with Wow in the World: Girls will explore the wonders of the world with the kids’ podcast, Wow in the World.
  • Family Put-Up Party: Let’s make posters to reminder our family how loved and special they are!
  • Rainbow Poem: Girls will express creativity and make a poem using rainbow colors and words.

Activities for Girls 9-11

Activities for Girls 12-14

Activities for Girls 15-18

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