This summer at Discovery Camp, Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis held an election to bring awareness to our participants and help them understand civic engagement’s importance and how elections work. Our campers were hands-on with creating campaigns, candidate posters, participating in debates, and having an election for two sets of Presidents and Vice Presidents of Discovery Camp. The Presidents and Vice President of the Cutie Pops and Bold Barbies, sat down for a fireside chat with our President and CEO Lindsay Gramlich, to discuss the joys and challenges of holding an elected position during the last week of camp.

“She Votes” is an educational, nonpartisan Girls Inc. initiative that supports girls of all ages to gain the skills and confidence to be future voters, candidates, and political leaders. Girls learn how legislators make decisions at all levels of government and how those decisions impact girls’ lives. By highlighting the importance of women in politics our girls can strive to become emerging leaders and advocates within their communities. Cheers to more and more girls every day gaining confidence and understanding around our electoral process and seeing themselves become voters, community leaders, and elected officials!

Check out this cute candid interview with the President & VP. President of the Cutie Pops & Bold Barbies parties, hosted by Girls Inc. Indy President & CEO Lindsay Gramlich.

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