Sixty-five campers participated in our four-week summer camp experiencing 244 programs and 1000 hours of empowering activities!

Camp kicked off with Strong week where the focus was on Work It Out Curriculum. This program empowers girls to build tools for communicating and managing angry or hurt feelings, while strengthening the bonds of empathy and friendship. Participants demonstrated the importance of being a good friend to not only others, but themselves first.

Campers also participated in Eli Lilly’s “Chemistry Is a Blast!”. This program provided exciting chemistry experiments involving gas and liquids. After this explosive activity, a second-grade participant exclaimed, “when I grow up, I want to be a scientist and own my own company!” Nine13Sports brought in their immersive experiential Kids Riding Bikes program. Campers learned about the Girls Inc. economy and used the Girl Bucks they earned to purchase items from the Girl Bucks Store.

During the second week, workshops were focused on the ‘smart’ element of our mission. Campers learned about economic literacy, to encourage building self-reliance as they embrace that they are in control of their financial future. Additionally, middle school participants visited the Girls Inc. of Indianapolis office for virtual college visits and learned more about post-secondary education, giving them the resources to identify plans for their future. Emily Henson from Ollivene Candle Co. led a candle-making workshop and talked about the value, freedom, and struggles of entrepreneurship. These experiences contribute to our participants’ success and empower girls to become the strong, smart, and bold leaders of tomorrow. Participants learned about the science of roller skating and enjoyed skating and pizza at Skateland.

During Bold week campers looked at Redefining Beauty, which encourages girls to confront body image stereotypes while identifying healthy lifestyle habits. Additionally, campers traveled to Holliday park for an outdoor day of environmental education and play! They learned about apex predators local to Indiana and how they support our ecosystem from the Indiana Raptor Center. To promote creativity, they learned and developed nail art techniques. All groups began the first of their choreography lessons. Finally, ComedySportz, a local improv company, facilitated improv activities to help improve public speaking skills, confidence, and awareness.

Wrapping up camp, was Inspired week, with programs focused on Body Basics. This program aims to assure girls feel prepared and equipped with the knowledge and resources to navigate their body development and puberty. Additionally, we focused on Healthy Relationships, where girls acquire the knowledge and skills about healthy relationship qualities, communication skills, managing attraction, & sexual harassment.

Campers traveled to the Indianapolis Zoo for a one-of-a-kind animal experience and dolphin show. The Indianapolis Art Center was on site with art lessons designed to inspire creativity. They traveled with the campers on an ArtBus tour where a local artist led them through a lesson on screen-printing. The participants walked and experienced ARTSPARK’s 9.5 acres of interactive sculptures and scenery designed to stimulate all the creative senses. Finally, they engaged with graffiti in Fountain Square, discovering the perspective of beautifying a space and elevating community art.  Campers went with Nine13Sports on a bike ride exploring the former Riverside golf course. Dance with Koby provided choreography sessions to all groups to perform a group dance in the talent show. On the last day of camp, participants had an outdoor celebration that included a water balloon fight, reverse tie-dyed t-shirts, and snow cones from Kona Ice Indy.

Overall, camp was a great success, thanks to all our partners, donors and sponsors. We look forward to another successful camp in 2022. If you would like to donate to our 2022 summer camp or offer your services, please contact us at