Girl Inc. Indy participated in She Votes this month, an educational, nonpartisan initiative that gives girls the skills and confidence to envision themselves as both future voters and future candidates.

Since 2004 this biennial project has helped girls understand the American political system to prepare them for a life as engaged citizens.  Through the program, girls receive hands-on experience with civic engagement, including the process of voter registration, the importance of diversity and inclusion in politics, and how to run campaigns. 

Alongside girls from Girl Inc. affiliates across the country, the Indy She Votes participants cast ballots in a mock election. They voted for the next president of the United States and made their voices heard by self-selecting issues of importance, including comprehensive sex education and school discipline reform.

The girls also focused on the value of advocacy. As one participant stated, “advocacy means being able to stand up for myself and anyone else. No one should be discriminated against, so being able to advocate for yourself is important.” Overwhelmingly, the Girls Inc. Indy girls indicated that they want to continue to engage in advocacy and leadership through Girls Inc.

The future of these young citizens is bright. We can’t wait to see what they will accomplish!