Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis is excited to welcome Social Media and Marketing intern Samantha Nower to our team! Samantha is a junior at Ball State University majoring in magazine journalism.

Growing up, the strongest people in Sam’s life were women. With the help of her mother and three sisters, she learned from her female role models how to be self-confident and go after her dreams. She believes that every woman deserves to feel this same way, which is why she is so excited to help communicate Girls Inc.’s message to the world.

Sam wants to help Girl’s Inc. to share their message of positivity and hope with as many people as possible, because she believes every girl needs to be reminded just how amazing they are now and how much more amazing they can be in the future.

Learn more about Sam Nower:

What is your role at Girls Inc.?

I am the Social Media and Marketing Intern at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis. I’m responsible for keeping up to date with all of Girl’s Inc. Indy’s social media as well as creating posts and engaging with our followers.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am currently a junior at Ball State University majoring in magazine journalism and minoring in Spanish and creative writing. I’m also the Executive Editor of my school’s student magazine, Ball Bearings. I love my job because I love storytelling, which is why I’m so excited about this internship. I can’t wait to help tell the inspiring stories of strong, smart, and bold girls as they work to be the best they can be.

What about the Girls Inc. mission appeals to you?

I think the Girls Inc. mission of helping girls to be strong, smart and bold is so important. I resonate with this message because I know so many strong women in my life, many of whom have had to learn to be strong by themselves because no one in their life ever showed them how. The biggest thing standing in a girl’s way to achieving her dreams is self-confidence, and I’m so glad Girls Inc. recognizes this and works to help young women be the confident, strong person they know they can be.

What makes you feel strong, smart, and bold?

I feel the most strong, smart, and bold when I use my creative talents to make something I feel proud of. I love coming up with new ideas, voicing my opinion, and collaborating with others to create something that will make a positive change.