Amber Lane is an emerging Girls Inc. Indy volunteer who has already greatly impacted Girls Inc. Indy and the girls in our community. She joined nearly a year ago and has facilitated every cycle since, totaling in three programs. When asked to reflect on why she chooses to volunteer with Girls Inc. Indy, Amber stated, “I choose to volunteer because I enjoy giving back to the community. I think like most people; I look for an organization that aligns with my values when I am looking to volunteer. Empowering young girls to be strong, smart, and bold aligns with those values.”

Throughout the three programs Amber has facilitated, she has impacted 34 individual girls. Each girl spoke highly of her at the end of the program, noting that they were thankful that she shared her time teaching them, that she taught them new topics, and that she granted them a safe space. It’s apparent that each girl took away a new lesson from the program. Amber is highly dedicated, prepared, and engaging with the girls.  She worked hard from the beginning to build personal relationships with the girls in her programs and they clearly responded and opened up to her.  Her dedication is obvious to anyone around her.  From the time she takes to prepare for her programs, to her carefully cultivated playlists she plays during the program, Amber’s efforts create a welcoming Girls Inc. environment. Amber noted that she believes the Girls Inc. programs are beneficial to girls because “they are all focused on teaching girls to think critically about the world around them, how to develop healthy and meaningful relationships, and how to break stereotypes.” These are critical skills as girls mature into women. There’s no doubt that Amber has empowered girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Amber noted that her favorite activity was the “Busting the Bad Body Myths” and stated the following about the experience she had with this activity within her program, “Hands down, my favorite activity we facilitated was “Busting the Bad Body Myths.” The day we did that activity was intense, and the girls were very open to naming all of the ways they feel insecure about their appearance. We wrote down all the negative thoughts down on paper bags and then as a group blew up the bags and busted them! Seeing the joy on ALL of the girl’s face when they busted those bags made my day. At that moment, I think we truly were able to deliver the message to them. That is the reason I continue to volunteer with Girls Inc.” Thank you Amber for your commitment and gift of time to Girls Inc. Indy!