Blog written by Girls Inc. volunteer, Nicole Terrel

Girls Inc. is such a beautiful organization to be a part of and as I think about my experience volunteering, I see how the programs offered are beneficial to our youth and the community.

These past six weeks have really been enjoyable for me and my volunteer program partner, Danielle Jackson. We both were new to volunteering at Girls Inc., and the program we facilitated was Media Literacy at Guion Creek Middle School. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed preparing for the program each week. Initially I thought I would be a little nervous instructing the young ladies here, but our Program Support Coordinator, Rachel Felling, really helped us on the first day. She was very hands on with the group and the program to help us feel comfortable with facilitating before being on our own, and Danielle and I appreciated this greatly!

As the weeks went by, the girls learned so much about the media, advertising, and what it means to be a consumer. The program touched on the importance of being responsible while on social media, as well as what advertisers are really saying when they market to consumers. These young ladies were very engaged and had excellent feedback, thoughts, and opinions about each topic which we loved.

Even though our time together was short, we felt such a great reward getting to know all the young ladies at Guion Creek Middle School, as well as interacting and engaging with the teachers who were so supportive and ensured the girls made it to our session each week. I feel that the programs offered at Girls Inc. are well worth the time and effort of organizing and planning each session for all of the young ladies involved.

Thank you Girls Inc. for such a memorable and impactful experience. We’ll be back again!