Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis would like to welcome a new member to our Board of Directors: Jim Schacht. Jim currently works for Cummins. Read below to get to know more about Jim and what inspired him to get involved with Girls Inc.:

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What makes you strong, smart, and bold?

In short, the love and support of those around me.  I have been blessed in life with family and friends that have loved and supported me since I was very young.  My mother still today is an inspiration to me.  My father is as well, and each have guided me my whole life.  I have three sisters each of whom are strong, smart, and bold, and my wife Sally and I have four children (three girls and a boy) that we have worked hard to nurture towards being strong, smart, and bold, each in their own way.  All together have provided for me the encouragement, guidance, love, and support to allow me to believe in myself and to contribute to others, which I think are core attributes of being strong, smart, and bold.

Why are you passionate about supporting Girls Inc.?

Many of the most influential people in my life have been girls and women; my mother, my three sisters, my wife of almost 30 years, our three daughters, women friends and colleagues.  I admire women, I learn from women, I am a better person from being around women, and I see in girls the full potential of the women they can become.  I believe our world, however defined, is a better place if / as girls and women are able to aspire and achieve their full potential.  However, I know from the experiences of the girls and women around me that there are many challenges, and I am passionate about doing all I can to help girls face and overcome these challenges, to become the strongest, smartest, boldest women they can be, and by doing so, make the world a better place.

What are you most looking forward to as a Board member of Girls Inc.?

Every person I have met on the Board of Girls Inc. of Greater Indy has been inspiring in their capabilities, in their accomplishments, and in their passion for advancing the health, welfare, confidence, and ultimate success of the girls of Girls Inc.  Similarly, every girl I have met who has in some way, past or present, been associated with Girls Inc. has been equally inspiring in their energy, optimism, enthusiasm, and potential.  As a Board member, I am most looking forward to working with the inspiring people on the Board to support, promote, and advance the inspiring girls of Girls Inc.