Through every program, we put our mission into practice through the Girls Inc. Experience, equipping girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers to grow into healthy, education, and independent adults. Part of the Girls Inc. Experience is providing girls with sustained exposure. In 2018, we have made it a priority to continue our work with girls through their elementary, middle, and high school journey. In order to do that, we had to expand our middle school and high school partnerships.

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All of the funds raised at our 2018 Touchstone Awards Luncheon this past June went towards expanding our middle and high school programs, and we are happy to report that we have made tremendous steps in the number of girls that we serve in both middle schools and high schools this year through this funding. We are excited to welcome 10 new program partners that serve either middle school or high school students across the greater Indianapolis area. Through these new partnerships, we anticipate being able to serve hundreds of girls.

As we prepare to wrap up our first month of programming this school year, we are encouraged to see the support inside our new partnerships. At Brownsburg East Middle School, we have all the counselors working to ensure that girls gain access to our programs. At Ben Davis 9th Grade Center, the administration is so excited to have our programs built into their school day. At Longfellow Magnet Middle School we have a large group of girls prepared to go through our Work It Out program, focusing on healthy relationships and conflict resolution.









We will continue to work on serving more middle school and high school girls this year and beyond. Thank you to all of those who supported this project at the Touchstone Awards Luncheon this year. Through the Girls Inc. Experience and sustained exposure of programs, we know that we can inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold!