When I discovered that Girls Inc. had an internship opening for the summer, I was ecstatic. Through past volunteer experience with similar organizations like Girls on the Run, I’ve developed a strong passion for helping young girls become their best and most confident selves. When I was a little girl I didn’t have the confidence or sense of worth I do now, and had I been a part of something like Girls Inc. sooner, I could have had the potential to do so much more earlier on in life. I love that Girls Inc. is creating opportunities for young girls at such an early age, and I was so excited to hear I would be a part of communicating their message this summer.

Organizations like Girls Inc. are important because there is so much pressure on young girls. It’s powerful for girls to see their value at a young age, because the pressure of growing up can take a tole on their confidence. The lessons Girls Inc. teaches through their programs are incredibly valuable, and allow girls to see that they have so much potential to do great things in the world.

My time at Girls Inc. not only gave me the opportunity to work in an area I’m passionate about, but also allowed me to develop into a stronger public relations professional by fine-tuning my skills and getting more experience with my weaknesses. What I enjoyed most about this experience was playing a role in the planning and coordination of the 2018 Touchstone Awards Luncheon. I had so much fun creating promotional material and taking photos for such an empowering and successful event, as well as getting to interact with the summer camp girls! Being the voice behind Girls Inc. as manager of our social media accounts was another great experience. I loved putting my own unique touch on the Girls Inc. message and having the opportunity to be the person telling the story of Girls Inc.

Touchstone 2018-58







Interning with Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis was an incredible experience, and I am so grateful for the time I spent here. I always felt like my work was valued and I was excited to come in every day because I loved what I did. I’ve never worked with such a fun and accepting staff before. The women who work here are incredible examples of what it means to be strong, smart, and bold. Although I’m sad I’m leaving, I’m excited to see where my love of nonprofit work takes me. My internship has made me feel more confident about going out into the workforce now that I have finished my degree, and I look forward to seeing how my new skills will help me advance in my career. I definitely want to volunteer further with Girls Inc. in the future, and I can’t wait to see Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis’ continued success. Thank you Girls Inc. for the learning experience and for an amazing summer!