We had a blast this past Saturday, April 21st for Girls Inc. Day at Purdue University! We cannot thank the Purdue Women in Engineering group enough for working with us to provide all 98 girls who attended with fun, interactive STEM activities.








Once arriving to Purdue, the girls were split into three different age groups before breaking off to take part in the activities. The first of three activities started off with the girls learning about various careers in the engineering field. They then broke up into two groups: the first going on a tour of some of the school of engineering buildings, and the second got to learn more about engineering with Legos!








From there, the girls headed to the second activity: engineering a catapult. The girls paired up, and each group was given a spoon, two rubber bands, cardboard, straws, and some masking tape to construct a catapult that would launch a ping pong ball the furthest. Once the girls built their own models, they each had the chance to test their catapult to see if it would work. After the first launch, they had time to go back and make the necessary changes to ensure it would work the second time.









Lastly, the girls were tasked with engineering packaging for an individual s’more to ensure it could withstand heat, water, and being dropped! Given an imaginary budget of 50 cents, each group had to design a prototype to figure out what supplies they would need to get from the “store.” Once they had all of their supplies, they started building their s’more packages! When they were done building, the girls had to drop their package, pour water on it, and make sure it wouldn’t melt after blowing a hair dryer on it for 30 seconds. After completing these stations, the girls unwrapped their packages to see which s’mores had beat the tests, and which had not.









Thank you again to the Purdue Women in Engineering for having us, and thank you to our spring campaign donors who helped make this STEM program possible! Stayed tuned for more information regarding our 2018 fall Girls Inc. Day which will be on Saturday, September 15th!