The Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis Young Women in Leadership (YWIL) program takes a group of girls on a trip each year. Last week, some of the 2017-2018 YWIL girls traveled to New York City.

Four girls went on the trip, all of which had never seen the Big Apple before and were excited learn about other cultures outside of those present in Indianapolis. On their first day, the girls explored two of the traditional sight-seeing attractions in the city: the Empire State Building and Times Square. To finish off the first day, the girls saw Aladdin on Broadway. “The Aladdin show was amazing because it was something that was interesting to all of us,” remarked Aeriana, “It blew our expectations out of the water.”

Photo Mar 20, 3 30 09 PM









“Times Square glowed brighter than the sun,” said Joleena.

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The YWIL girls spent their second day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which houses more than two million works of art. After taking in the art, the group got out some of their energy by bowling, which lead the girls to a whole new discovery – “Come to find out, most of us were pros at not hitting the pins!”

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For their third and final day in NYC, the four YWIL girls visited the Statue of Liberty and National September 11 Memorial & Museum. “Today was my favorite day because of the 9/11 tour,” Joleena wrote in reflection, “I knew about 9/11 but not many details. Seeing the stories of the people affected was very touching.”

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“Traveling is important because you get to meet other people and experience new things,” Ronasaiah explained, “This trip taught me how to be flexible with my plans and to navigate a big city. I got to try new things.” Fellow YWIL girl Cyncere agreed, “I learned that not everyone is the same. I also improved my communication, navigation, and listening skills.”

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