Tameca Perkins









Name: Tameca Perkins
Programs Facilitated: Work it out, Redefining Beauty, & Media Lit

How did you learn about Girls Inc.?
I am a proud Girls, INC. Alum.
Why did you choose to volunteer with Girls Inc.?
Growing up in the intercity streets of Indianapolis, I found it hard to deal with certain issues and understanding the right way to handle them. Although I had parents in my home, it was sometimes difficult to discuss these issues, concerns, or questions with them. Girls Inc. was an outlet for me and I am delighted to share and give the same experience to other young ladies.
What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with Girls Inc.?
I enjoy the conversations with the girls the most. They are surely day-brighteners, as I enjoy the fact that they are becoming great communicators just by participating. All the young ladies that I have encountered have had amazing personalities; each of them stands out in their own way.
What is your favorite memory as a facilitator?
The best facilitation memory for me is when my co-facilitator & I had taught approximately four sessions together and on the fifth session one of the young ladies had a major issue dealing with the topic we had taught over the past weeks. I was very proud to see that the girls had indeed listened and learned, and they helped their peer through the situation by talking things through by applying their lessons. It was a proud volunteer moment!
Why do you think Girls Inc. programs are beneficial to girls?
Girls Inc. is a great opportunity for young ladies to meet new people, learn how to handle specific issues, and learn more about themselves, all while becoming inspired to be strong, smart, and bold!
Have you noticed any changes in your own life since volunteering with Girls Inc.?
Volunteering at Girls Inc. has helped me to become a better listener to the young people around me, for they have a voice and just want to be heard. I have become excited to lend an ear to this generation, with high hopes to be able to help put them on a successful path in life.
What have you learned by facilitating a Girls Inc. program?
I have learned that with each generation, things change; so it is wise to always have an open mind and heart. Communication will always be the key. The girls keep us updated on the hottest fashions, cool things, and latest teen slang to properly understand their communication.


What tip do you have for volunteer program facilitators?
Teamwork makes the dream work! Plan ahead, share the efforts, and always give 100%. Most importantly – remember why you volunteered.


What tip do you have for Girls Inc. Girls?
Always believe in yourself, for you are your only competition. Always do your best, treat others well, and know that inside of you there is something amazing. Enjoy the journey in discovering what that amazing is. You are strong, smart, and bold!


Any additional comments about your volunteer experience?