Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis would like to welcome three new members to our Board of Directors: Joan Lonnemann, James Keough, and Kimberly. Read below to get to know more about these individuals and their time spent serving the Indianapolis community:

Joan Lonnemann


What makes you strong, smart, and bold?

“I have to give credit to the environment I grew up in. My late father was my greatest mentor and cheerleader. Our household was one of tolerance, perseverance, equality, diversity, question asking, “doing the right thing” and unconditional support. We grew up believing in the possibilities not only of ourselves, but of others, of all people.”

“My colleague of many years said to me when I posed this question about myself to her – “For you failure is not an option…you get up each day to figure it out, you are street smart and people smart, and you do everything with passion. You have great business sense and your greatest realization a long time ago was when it comes to business the systems and the plan matter greatly.”

“I think outside the box, I expect great things and learn from the disappointments. I embrace failure, as it is my greatest school.”

Why are you passionate about supporting Girls Inc.?

“My background was sociology (many years ago) I was a counselor in group homes for adolescent girls and that became my first of many passions in life as a young “bright eyed” woman. When halfway through raising 4 children, I wanted to be surrounded by the girls, the future women of our society. I was introduced to Girl’s Inc at a Day of Caring, and I knew when the time was right I would become a part in some way of the organization.”

“I feel girls and women overall need something different than boys. I just connect with the inherent challenges no matter what “block” you grew up on. I want to be a small part of the answers to the challenges these young women face. I also want to learn from the girls as they bring more to the table than they ever get credit for. They are innately brilliant! I want to surround myself with the dream for a better way to celebrate being strong, smart, and bold.”

James Keough, Jr. – Human Resources Executive and Consultant


What makes you strong, smart, and bold?

“I am an Indianapolis native raised by a single parent. My mother is my inspiration. I learned from her that you can achieve anything through hard work and dedication. I started in HR as an entry-level recruiter making 18K a year. I have developed myself and career with a strong work ethic, a focus on achievement, and a tenacious approach. I have carefully crafted my career progression and looked heavily to effective mentors to help me make effective, timely decisions….and improvements and needed development. ”

Why are you passionate about supporting Girls Inc.?

“I respect the organization’s mission and vision. The continued development and empowerment of women is critical for the continued growth and development of our community. I watched my mother struggle and work very hard to help me achieve my goals. This is a way for me to give back go the community in this fashion. I want to share the skills and abilities I have cultivated to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Kim Davis – Global Head of Commercial Operations, Brooks Life Sciences

Kim Davis

What makes you strong, smart, and bold?

“My strength comes from my faith, my family, and my incredible support system. I’ve had to overcome a fair share of diversity throughout my life, but have known no other way than to fight through it.”

Why are you passionate about supporting Girls Inc.?

“I believe that empowering young women to understand their potential and worth in this world is critical. We are in an interesting place in time now where women are starting to have a voice in ways they never have before, but at the same time there are constant distractors through platforms such as social media that can leave young women with doubt. It’s our responsibility to help them navigate through this landscape successfully.”