Dear Girls Inc. friend:

Do you want to give a holiday gift that truly makes a difference? You can provide young girls with the resources and mentoring they need to succeed in school and in life.

We all learn best from seeing and doing. Girls Inc. programming, and the direct interaction girls have with our mature, professional, and confident volunteers, provides the perfect environment to work on important confidence-building skills.


As a proud board member of Girls Inc., I’ve seen firsthand the difference our programs make in girls’ lives. When I was a volunteer teaching Girls Inc.’s “Work It Out” program, it was meaningful to see week by week how as a group we were able to talk through the stressful situations the girls were facing, and provide tactics to help them deal with feelings of being left out or scared. Girls Inc.’s highly interactive content supplements what girls learn in school to improve self-esteem, peer to peer relationships, and overall initiative.


I give to Girls Inc. because I find the lessons we provide to be so crucial. I see a direct connection with things I have dealt with being a “girl” in the male-dominated engineering field, and being short in stature. If only I had Girls Inc. available to me as I was growing up, I would have shed far fewer tears. I’ve even shared much of the programming with my own daughters, and seeing the way they have positively handled or turned around certain situations meant to diminish their self-esteem has been so rewarding. Being strong, smart, and bold is just the way we roll now!


I want to invite you to join me in supporting these important programs. Girls need safe places where they can express themselves and learn from caring, adult, female role models while building their confidence and courage. Please consider giving a gift before the end of 2017 to help us reach more girls in the coming year. Your support truly makes a difference.

Thank you for standing up for girls,

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Linda M. Hicks

Board Chair

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