A couple of the girls in our Young Women In Leadership (YWIL) program wanted to share their own stories of why they chose to participate in YWIL and what Girls Inc. means to them. Thanks, ladies!


Joleena Mundy

I seek to challenge myself and find ways to better myself as a person. Girls Inc. is a place to really be yourself and take risk without fear of being looked down upon. This is my first year at Girls Inc. and so far it’s great! I love that they encourage you to be yourself and to not just be a follower. For example, recently we had a speaker come in and tell us to be limitless and go beyond what others expect. I’ve been looking for a program like Girls Inc. that could give me advice and a little guidance in this crazy world, and I’m glad I found it!

Group pic

Aeriana Wiegand

Young Women in Leadership (YWIL) has become more than just an extracurricular to me. It has become a part of my chosen family. Through this program, I have learned how to appropriately plan for my future, become the best leader I can be in my community, and how to manage my time. The program has offered more opportunities than I can list. The program directors’ constant guidance in scholarship application, resume building, finding possible jobs that are available, etc. has instilled a gratitude towards them that I show through my constant involvement with not only this program, but Girls Inc. in general. What makes YWIL so special is that the program directors do all these things to help us, and they do them with creative concepts, open discussion, and a smile.

It has become a refuge where I can openly and honestly share my thoughts and ideas with others. This program creates a new family of girls seeking success every year. It’s crucial for teenage girls to surround themselves with young women who will continue to motivate them to do and be their best. When I’ve been in need of motivation, guidance, friendship, or a positive outlook, YWIL has never  failed me. This is why I will continue to promote the program to young women and attend every year that I can.