I can’t believe my time here at Girls Inc. is already half over! When I first applied for the Girls Inc. PR Internship, I knew I would enjoy my time at this organization, but I had no idea how much I would truly love it. I started here knowing I wanted to have an internship which would include helping other people, or making Indianapolis an even better place to call home. On my first day here at Girls Inc., I realized this position would fit the bill exactly!

Most of my time is spent creating content which the organization can share with the community, and which fits with our overall mission of helping girls be strong, smart, and bold. I tweet, post, write, blog, and overall get to put good content out there for Indianapolis to see. I love posting about fun things like the two girls who asked for donations to Girls Inc. instead of birthday presents, or about how much fun the girls are having in Young Women in Leadership that week. It’s good to see proof of good, fun things happening in Indy!

I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the people I work with here at Girls Inc. The women here are all so kind, fun, and passionate. They really exemplify the values which they promote, such as female support and friendship. I can’t wait to spend two more months with them!

Most of all, my favorite thing about Girls Inc. is that it promotes acceptance, encouragement, and positivity for all girls. And I love that I get to be a part of that, by promoting our beliefs on social media. Sometimes, it seems like the world is full of voices telling girls they have to act a certain way, look a certain way, or expect a certain future for themselves. It can be discouraging. But now, I’m proud to work with an organization whose voice fights against all those other, negative messages. At Girls Inc., we know that girls have the right to look however they want, be themselves no matter what, and fight for the futures they dream of, and not the ones they’ve been told to expect.