YWIL Strong

Young Women in Leadership (YWIL) is back again this year at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis! This program serves high school girls (grades 9-12) and helps them to focus on leadership development and college and career preparedness. Candice Lofton, Girls Inc. Program Support Coordinator, answers some questions about YWIL and discuss why it’s such an amazing opportunity.

1. How does YWIL work? How often are meetings, and what are some examples of the activities?

YWIL is a program for high school girls in Greater Indianapolis which helps them develop leadership skills and aids them in college and career preparedness. The program runs from September to May, and we meet 1-2 times each month. The girls participate in a number of activities, such as community service projects, workshops on leadership, college prep, and career prep, team building activities, college tours, and panel discussions with professional women in the Indianapolis community.

2. What skills and experiences do the girls in YWIL gain? 

Girls will build lasting relationships with like-minded peers who aim to be community leaders. They will understand the importance of leaders serving their community through service projects.

They will also gain a better understanding of how to begin preparing for life after high school. College preparedness is one of the key focuses of the program, so understanding how to choose colleges and universities that are a good fit, navigating the application process, and making themselves attractive applicants will be useful skills that each girl will gain through the YWIL program. The girls will also have the opportunity to practice some of these skills through activities like the Mock Interview event, where we partner with professional women in the community to interview girls and give feedback.

3. Girls Inc. has provided this program before. How did the girls of past years feel they’d grown once they’d finished the program?

Many girls spoke of how they felt more confident in themselves and their ability to come forth as a leader at school and in their communities. They have formed friendships and been positive influences among their peers.

4. Who is eligible for YWIL? 

Any high school girl in the Greater Indianapolis area that has participated in any Girls Inc. program (i.e. 6-week outreach, Girls Inc. Day, Girls Inc. Summer Camp, Summer Outreach, etc.)

5. Which meetings are you most excited for the girls to experience this year?

I am very excited about all of them! But if I had to choose, I’d say the first team building activity and the Mock Interviews. I can’t wait to see the girls bond and become a cohesive group with purpose and drive. And I heard such amazing things about last year’s Mock Interviews, so I am excited to build on that and make this year’s event just as impactful.

If this sounds like a program for you or for a girl in your life, register for YWIL here!