Microsoft 4

During SMART week of summer camp, the C girls (12-14 year-olds) took a field trip to the Microsoft Store, located at  Keystone at the Crossing. At the store, they were able to participate in two different programs. The first was working with the tablets to create animated characters. The girls really got into the creation of their characters, and being able to assign different movements to each one they designed.

In the second activity, the girls used cardboard, wire, tape, and aluminum foil to build a connection to hook up to a robot arm. The girls had to build a connection that would fit on their finger that would then make a robot move in different directions based upon their finger movement. It was extremely cool to see the girls use critical thinking skills as they manipulated their experiment to get it just right. Through much trial and error, the girls were successful in getting the robot to move.

These teenage girls were immersed in STEM activities during our trip to the Microsoft Store. We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Microsoft, and for their staff members who provided the girls with so much enthusiasm while teaching them different skills, but also met them with lots of patience as they learned.