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Summer camp was off to a great start! During Strong week, the highlight for most girls was participating in Project BOLD, where they were able to learn about self-defense with Miss Hazel. It was great to see how empowered the girls felt to use their voices to protect themselves, and stand up for others. The girls also ventured out into the community for different field trips. The 12-14 year olds went to Abstract Nails and Wellness to learn about entrepreneurship and beauty care. Later in the week, they made the trek to Delta Faucet (photos above) to learn about careers in marketing and engineering. The trip started with a presentation about careers at Delta Faucet. The girls were then paired off with some of their female employees. They were tasked with creating a package that would protect an egg from being dropped from one story up. The highlight of the trip was seeing 3 of our very own girls launch their egg, and find it still intact. The afternoon wrapped up with a tour of part of the facility. Overall, it was a successful and fun trip! The 6-11 year olds had a fun-filled day participating in fitness activities at National Insitute for Fitness and Sports. They were definitely worn out after the many relay races, and obstacle courses that they completed.

Smart week wrapped up on the 23rd of June and was a major success as well! Our 6-8 year olds worked with Indy Algebra Project to complete interactive math games. Our 9-11 year olds worked with Coder DoJo to take on coding games and challenges. Other highlights of the week included cooking with Chef Carol from Stargazer, and packing kits with Project Purse to provide women with empowering messages and basic necessities.

Next eNews will cover our final two weeks of Summer Camp; Bold week and Inspired week!