Samone and Daddy Go Kart Picture

In honor of Father’s Day, we interviewed Jonathan Carpenter, who is a father of Girls Inc. participant, Samone!

What’s the most challenging thing or part about being a father?

I was very lucky growing up because my father was always in my life and a very traditional old school Dad in that he was a great provider and protector. Unfortunately, there was not much hugging, kissing, and nurturing. The most challenging thing/part for me is to try and always be cognizant of my daughter’s need/desire for a Dad that demonstrates his love by constantly kissing, hugging, and loving her regardless of the situation.

How has your daughter’s participation in Girls Inc. helped with some of these challenges?

I truly believe that Girls Inc. has contributed significantly to the maturity and growth of Samone as a preteen. Her experiences each summer have helped to shape her life perspectives and knowledge.

How did you first hear about Girls Inc.?

Latasha Hudson (Vice President of Development and Public Relations) was a peer in the community and a great friend who I knew worked for Girls Inc. which contributed mightily to my impression of the organization as a group/organization I would trust with my daughter.

Has your daughter discussed what she has learned in Girls Inc. with you? If so, what?

Samone has been participating in Girls Inc. for probably 5 years, so the topics have been many. She has always constantly shared the many topics she has explored and learned at Girls Inc. The topics have varied from the varied aspects of growing from a girl to a young lady, to subjects in math and science.

As a father, in what ways do you think your daughter is strong, smart, and bold?

Where do I begin.., I am so proud of a daughter that constantly exhibits the traits that I believe to be essential for success for any human being. Samone is always engaged, articulate, thoughtful, and inquisitive about everything.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a father?

There is no greater reward than making your child smile and laugh.

What advice would you give other fathers?

Life can be so much joy if you just embrace your role as a father to protect, love, and nurture your children at all times!


Thank you to all of the fathers who raise their girls to be strong, smart, and bold!