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According to the “Having it All: Girls & Financial Literacy” report from Girl Scout Research Institute, only half of girls feel confident making financial decisions, but only twelve percent consider themselves very confident. However, nine in ten girls believe it is important for them to learn how to manage money and eighty-seven percent believe setting financial goals is important. Ninety-four percent of girls surveyed would rather make their own money than rely on their parents and four in five girls would rather make their own money than marry someone who would support them financially. Therefore with the lack of financial knowledge and the recognition that financial literacy is important, girls need economic literacy programs.

The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation generously awarded Girls Inc. a $30,000 grant to support our Economic Literacy programs through 2017. The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation is a private, grant-making foundation that continuously seeks to identify and support innovative, outcomes-driven initiatives that will significantly enhance the vitality of the city of Indianapolis. The Foundation has three main focus areas: Education, Health, and the Vitality of Indianapolis.