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What will be your role at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis?
As Program Support Coordinator, I will support our amazing volunteers and staff that facilitate programs within the community. I will also create, develop, and maintain working relationships with our community partners who support the Girls Inc. mission and work with us to bring this mission to fruition.

What about Girls Inc.’s mission appeals to you?
As a young girl, I often felt like I had to fit into the mold of what I was told girls were supposed to be. I now understand that the only true mold that a girl should fit into is the one that allows them to be who they are, confidently and unapologetically. The mission of Girls Inc. gives girls a place to understand who they are and become comfortable with that truth. In my opinion, there is no more valuable cause to serve than nurturing the brilliant young ladies that will one day help us make the world a better place.

How are you strong, smart, and bold?
I am strong enough to continue to take steps forward and always reach back to help others up along the way. I am smart enough to know how I can use my gifts to leave the world in a better state than it was given to me. I am bold enough to live my life out loud, in all my successes and failures, without regret. I am thankful to the strong, smart, and bold women in my life who have modeled these principles and were my prototype.