Edited Perry Meridian 8th Grade Group Pic

After teaching girls how to resolve conflict and value their inner beauty, I’m excited to begin my third program where I will explain the importance of the portrayal of women in the media through the Media Literacy program for 8th graders in the Indianapolis area. As a volunteer, leading programs is really interesting because not only am I allowed to address the challenges that girls face and teach them how to overcome these challenges, I get to take a look at the youth of today and better understand their world.

What I really enjoy about leading a program is being able to listen to girls share their experiences about the topics that Girls Inc. teaches. Even more than that, I love listening to girls share positive advice, compliments and ideas to better the lives of their peers. You’d be surprised how quick girls are to share inspiring thoughts when they’re in a safe, positive place like Girls Inc. – many of their responses or ideas coincide with Girls Inc.’s values and mission: to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

If you have one hour a week to spare, I highly suggest signing up to lead a Girls Inc. program. There are over 80 different schools and community groups associated with Girls Inc. in the Indianapolis area that allow volunteers to facilitate programs that encourage girls to lead strong, smart, and bold lifestyles. Girls Inc. provides all of the materials and information needed to lead each program, plus you won’t be alone. There will always be another volunteer helping you lead the programs, and strong support from the staff is always present.

Leading a program for Girls Inc. has shown me that although volunteers are teaching the girls important life lessons, the girls are also teaching their leaders about their world, and what they feel is important in life. Life isn’t always about talking, but is about listening as well.