Ashly Kotaska

What will be your role at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis?
I will be the Public Relations Intern at Girls Inc. for the spring season. Here I will help out with Girls Inc.’s social media, eNewsletters, blogs, emails, website and organization.

What about the Girls Inc. mission appeals to you?
I love that in a world full of negativity, Girls Inc. is here to provide a positive outlook for girls and women in our community. It’s fulfilling to be a part of an organization that completely understands the challenges girls and women face and that is also looking for solutions to these issues, as well as acknowledging the basic rights that must be taught to the women in our lives – be healthy; be educated; be independent.

How are you strong, smart, and bold?
Sometimes it’s harder to say a lot of positive things about yourself, but as a volunteer for Girls Inc., I’ve learned that it’s important to figure out the attributes that make myself unique. I’d say that I’m pretty strong, because when I have a lot of things going on (school, work, volunteering, etc.) and I get stressed out, I always think to myself that I will get through that stress and I know that I need to stay positive through it all and try to make everything a learning experience. I am smart because I know that I am learning something new every day, and using this knowledge to my advantage in everyday life situations. I love to apply new ideas or skills into my life to make tasks easier and fun! What makes me bold is the confidence that I have acquired throughout my recent life, which has brought to me new job opportunities, friendships and goals. Learning to love yourself and feel confident about who you are is what can make any girl bold in her own way.