On Saturday, October 22 Young Women in Leadership (YWIL) girls took a field trip to Agape Therapeutic The goal of the Agape program is to help girls develop and utilize skills related to teamwork, leadership, confidence, and communication. They learned about the importance of communication and how they can apply their communication skills to leadership development.

The girls participated in three activities. During the first activity, the girls learned how to communicate with horses. Girls were tasked with instructing the horses to move in a circle, but girls were not able to walk with the horse. This helped girls learn the importance of nonverbal communication, including body language.

2-girls-with-horseDuring the second activity, the girls worked in the outside arena. They worked in pairs and learned how to properly lead a horse. During this activity, one of the girls was blindfolded and the girl that was blindfolded had to lead the horse through an obstacle course. The girls without blindfolds were able to advise their partners, so they could guide the horse through the obstacle course. This activity helped girls practice their communication and teamwork skills they learned earlier in the day.

Finally, the girls tied together everything they had learned by discussing the importance of communication in leadership. Girls worked together to groom the horses. They then chose one word they felt was important to leadership, and painted the word onto the horse. Girls discussed the words they chose and how each was important to communication and leadership development.