Programs facilitated:
Jessica: Work It Out, Redefining Beauty, Dollars and Sense
Tyffani: Work It Out, Dollars and Sense

1) How did you learn about Girls Inc.?
Jessica: I learned about Girls Inc. through my employer, Geico.
Tyffani: Jessica and I were looking at opportunities through the United Way and saw Girls Inc.

2) Why did you choose to volunteer with Girls Inc.?
Jessica: I wanted to impact young girls in the community and give them positive feedback that they can use throughout their life.
Tyffani: After reading the mission of Girls Inc., I loved what they stood for and wanted to be a part. Being able to reach out and inspire girls sounded like a wonderful opportunity.

3) What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with Girls Inc.?
Jessica: I love engaging in the different activities with the girls and watching them gain a better understanding of the concepts.
Tyffani: Getting the opportunity to meet and speak with new girls. I enjoy challenging girls to see beyond the social norms.

4) Does any facilitation memory or any one of the girls stand out to you?
Jessica: Yes, her name is Andrea. She was always upbeat even when something was bothering her. She was very receptive to the information and took a real interest in me and my partner. At the end of the session, she asked if we could come to her volleyball game. Although I could not attend, her asking was reassurance that I made an impact on her.
Tyffani: During one of the sessions a girl’s mother came to have lunch with her. Hearing her mom tell us how she comes home and talks about what she learned was rewarding. It feels good to know they are taking what they have learned and teaching someone else.

5) Why do you think Girls Inc. programs are beneficial to girls?
Jessica: Girls Inc. provides young ladies with the right mindset needed to be strong, smart, and bold. The aspects learned in Girls Inc. generally are not provided within a school curriculum. It is necessary to build strong relationships, gain self-respect, and understand how to manage finances.
Tyffani: Girls Inc. removes the limits or barriers placed on young girls. The programs encourage them to think of themselves in a positive light.

6) Have you noticed any changes in your own life since volunteering with Girls Inc.?
Jessica: Absolutely! I think we all need to be reminded of the fundamentals sometimes. I have definitely taken a couple of lessons and applied them to my own life. The Work It Out session has reminded me how to give more love to others by simply listening, understanding, showing empathy, and respecting others. Life gets so busy and hectic sometimes that it is easy to overlook being genuine to others.
Tyffani: Being able to see people with an open mind. We are all different and I’ve learn to celebrate our differences.

7) What kind of things have you learned after facilitating a Girls Inc. program?
Jessica: I have learned a little bit more about myself. Since volunteering for Girls Inc., I have found a real passion to be involved in my community and make changes in other areas.
Tyffani: I learned to plan ahead and be approachable, because each group of girls is unique. I also learned a thing or two about saving from the Dollar and Sense program.

8) Tell a tip for volunteer program facilitators about volunteering or working as a team.
Jessica: I have enjoyed working as a team with the coordinators and the appointed school administrators. It’s the lines of communication the makes the team successful so I would just say to keep it up!
Tyffani: You are making a lasting impression with the girls. Show them a positive example of a strong, smart, and bold woman.

9) Tell a tip for Girls Inc. girls.
Jessica: Be confidant about who you are, love who you are and what makes you different. Love and respect your neighbors. Make it a habit to spread love everyday whether it is simply smiling and saying hello to someone, giving compliments, or giving back to your community. Make the world a better place!
Tyffani: Dare to be you… “If you are always trying to be normal you’ll never know how amazing you can be.” -Maya Angelou