As school has begun all over Indianapolis, and we shift our program focus toward our school partners, we also reflect back on another successful summer camp. We want girls to remember their time at summer camp, and have the opportunity to continue exercising The Girls’ Bill of Rights like they did at camp.

1. Girls have the right to be themselves and resist gender stereotypes;
At summer camp, girls challenged conventional beauty standards and learned to identify photos in media that have been modified. All of these activities help girls develop a positive sense of self based on their own definitions of beauty.

2. To express myself with originality and enthusiasm;
At camp, girls danced, learned about jazz drumming, created art with album covers, and used art to share empowering messages with fellow campers. You just have to go to the end-of-camp talent show to see girls find and share their voices.








3. To take risks, to strive freely, and take pride in success;
Taking everything they learned at camp, girls created displays to share at our annual Touchstone Awards. Girls met guests at the awards and shared what they learned at camp and shared lunch with Indianapolis area leaders. Girls were inspired by the women leaders honored at Touchstone, and empowered by summer camp to follow their dreams.

4. To accept and appreciate my body;
Through art and sport, girls learned how to take care of a healthy body and to define themselves by all their unique qualities.

5. To have confidence in myself and to be safe in the world;
In Project BOLD, girls learned the Six Star of self-defense and how to use their voices when they are in danger. Girls gained confidence in their abilities to protect themselves and maintain their safety.

6. To prepare for interesting work and economic independence.
Girls learned coding video games with Coder Do Jo, created computer games with Microsoft, performed fingerprinting exercises with the Indiana State Police Museum, catered with Stargazer Inc., and explored STEM careers with the Boy Scouts Mobile Vortex Lab.











As we shift gears back into school mode, we won’t stop ensuring girls have an environment where all of these rights are celebrated!