Thank you to all our Girls Inc. Champions for your generous support through Brackets For Good, the competition where everyone wins. The points you scored by donating to Girls Inc. will help us continue to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Thank you!

Our work doesn’t stop with Brackets because the spring campaign is still going on! We still your generous donations in order to provide hands-on programs that address the challenges girls face today, such as self-esteem and bullying. We want all girls to become healthy, educated, and independent women.

Thank You 2

We need your help to change lives. By making a gift, you make a tremendous impact on the lives of the girls we serve. Kaylyn, a Girls Inc. alumna, recently shared the impact her favorite Girls Inc. program had on her:

“I loved Media Literacy. All the confidence I have now came from Girl’s Inc., but that program in particular. I remember looking at photo shopped and edited pictures and thinking just how pretty the women were. I learned that models do not have clear skin because who they disguise the pictures as isn’t even a person at all. Perfection does not exists. Now that I’m older I still remember that everyone is not extremely skinny, with fair skin and long hair.”

Kaylyn also made empowering phrases to tell herself:

“Self-confidence rests with those who confide in it. Counsel yourself with your strengths and weaknesses. Your body and mind will thrive from your self-awareness. I live by this, but wouldn’t even know it had I not participated in Media Literacy.”

You can support programs like Media Literacy, that inspire girls like Kaylyn to tell themselves the same empowering messages by donating today! Due to the generosity of Bev Middaugh, Bright Ideas in Broad Ripple, and Barb Fleming, BAF Corp, all donations up to $10,000 will be doubled!