I was recently in Thailand on my belated honeymoon and, as often happens when I travel, I was struck by how fortunate I am to have had the education and opportunities than many girls across the world do not have access to.

The fact that here in the United States all girls are given the right to an education and the freedom to do so is an opportunity no one should squander.

However, the attitude towards education in our culture does not always reflect this. Many kids view school as boring and a waste of time instead of the huge privilege that it is. And even worse, sometimes they may not have the right type of influence to show them the amazing opportunity learning really is.


Thankfully, this mentality is shifting as more and more people are talking about this issue and finding ways to change the conversation.

Programs like the ones at Girls Inc., which can give girls an extra push or a mentor to look up to, are one way we can re-shape the way school is viewed.

Programs and institutions like these give students more resources and opportunities to understand what they are capable of and how they can take control of their lives through education.

But even if you do not have time to volunteer or partner with an organization like Girls Inc., there are some simple steps you can take to help amplify this message.

Just bringing up this topic as a talking point in your social circles or having a conversation with your kids could make them rethink how they view education and schooling.

What do you think we can do to make help girls reach their fullest potential? What have you done to change the conversation?