We are excited and truly thankful to receive a generous $2 million grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc., that will support the roll out of two programs, Work it Out and Redefining Beauty, to the entire Indiana Girls Inc. network. The grant will help us coordinate with other affiliates and provide program curricula, outcome measures, and training and guidance in outreach program implementation.

Because our mission is to inspire ALL girls to be strong, smart, and bold, sharing this grant with the other six Girls Inc. affiliates in Indiana will allow Girls Inc. to broaden its reach to Hoosier girls throughout the state. The other Girls Inc. affiliates taking part in this project will be Jackson County, Johnson County, Madison, Monroe County, Shelby County, and Wayne County.

Both programs are designed to help girls as they face a variety of challenges and pressures that can affect them academically, emotionally and socially.


Our Work it Out program teaches girls effective methods to resolve issues associated with bullying and conflict resolution, which will help eliminate the stresses of everyday social interactions with peers as well as the physical violence associated with inability to effectively work through emotions and frustrations.

Redefining Beauty offers girls a way to challenge narrow cultural messages about physical beauty and self-work, thus helping girls early and reversing the effects of poor body image as they mature.

This three year grant will fund our sister agencies to touch the lives of many more girls in their communities through expanded outreach programming. Our common goal is to equip girls with information and life skills that will produce the healthy, educated, and independent Hoosier women of the future.

Our work definitely doesn’t stop here. Your continued support will help us reach girls right here in greater Indianapolis. In greater Indianapolis alone:

  • Girls are just as likely as boys to enjoy science class. But half as likely to pursue science careers.
  • 38% of girls think they’re overweight. Medically, only 10% are.
  • One third of girls (in 6th to 10th grades) are victims of bullying.
  • Increasingly, bullying is online or via text.
  • 40% of girls think speaking in class is a threat to their emotional safety.

Together, we can beat these statistics by empowering girls to navigate challenges they face. Donate to Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, learn more about becoming a volunteer or contact us about becoming a partner.