CS-Andrea-Headshot-NEW-640x640Andrea is currently co-facilitating her 5th program! She is a dedicated volunteer who is part of one of our amazing corporate groups. Andrea has heart and passion for girls and the Girls Inc. mission. That same passion shows up every time she co-leads a class. We are so excited to have Andrea as this month’s “Featured Volunteer.” Meet Andrea:

How did you learn about Girls Inc.?
Andrea: I learned about Girls Inc. through my company actually. We did some pro bono work for Girls Inc. a couple of years ago, and I started volunteering from there.

Why did you choose to volunteer with Girls Inc.?
Andrea: I had been searching for a great organization to volunteer for, and I really liked Girls Inc.’s mission and message. Once I met a few people from the organization I knew it would be a great experience. Plus, I was looking forward to working with the younger girls, and hopefully making a difference in some small way.

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with Girls Inc.?
Andrea: I really enjoy getting to know the girls. I especially love when they are comfortable enough to open up. It’s great feeling like a role model to the girls, and building them up/encouraging them in any way I can!

Does any facilitation memory or any one of the girls stand out to you? Explain.
Andrea: One of the girls made me a ring out of paper and a rubber band, and I thought it was so sweet! It was a small gesture, but really nice. I hadn’t worked with kids a lot before Girls Inc., so it just surprised me that this little girl thought to give me a handmade gift. It was really touching.

Why do you think Girls Inc. programs are beneficial to girls?
Andrea: I think the programs are great for providing these girls with role models and a sense of empowerment in their own lives. I think it’s good for these girls to have a safe space like Girls Inc. where they can be reminded how strong, smart, and bold they all are.

Have you noticed any changes in your own life since volunteering with Girls Inc.?
Andrea: I think hearing the messages the Girls Inc. programs outlines for the girls are positive and reaffirming to hear in terms of my own life. It’s definitely been a self-reflective experience as well as a giving experience.

What kind of things have you learned after facilitating a Girls Inc. program?
Andrea: I’ve learned that when girls get together and build each other up it can be a powerful thing. And it’s so easy to do, we just don’t always remember to do it in our own lives!

Tell a tip for volunteer program facilitators about volunteering or working as a team.
Andrea: My best tip for volunteer program facilitators is to familiarize yourself with the program material as much as possible ahead of time so that during your hour with the girls you can really focus on making connections and driving the points home.

Tell a tip for Girls Inc. Girls.
Andrea: My tip for Girls Inc. girls is to get to know the volunteers! There are some great women from the community who volunteer for Girls Inc. programs, definitely ask questions and get to know us!

Additional comments about your volunteer experience?
Andrea: I think Girls Inc. is very well run and the staff really sets you up to be a successful volunteer. Plus I love how flexible they always are. It has been very easy to fit Girls Inc. volunteering into my life, and equally as rewarding!

We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to Andrea for her support, passion and dedication to the girls of Girls Inc.! Want to join other volunteers like Andrea . . . submit a volunteer application today!