According to, only 25 Fortune 500 companies are run by women. With men dominating leadership roles in business, it can be intimidating for girls to want to pursue a top-level position. However our Young Women in Leadership (YWIL) program encourages young women to seek male-dominated leadership roles, further their education, develop skills to promote career readiness and understand the need for financial independence.

The first meeting for YWIL will be on Oct. 26. It will be the second time for Girls Inc. to offer this program. The program is for girls in grades 9-12 who have demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities. This year, 25 girls were selected through a competitive, invitation-only process.

YWIL Project







Along with participating in traditional Girls Inc. curriculum, the girls will also be able to develop life skills that promote college and career readiness. Girls will learn lessons in leadership, resume writing, public speaking, networking, and how to make plans to achieve their goals.

YWIL girls will receive mentoring from Indianapolis women leaders, and have the opportunity to go on field trips to various locations around the community. They will also have the chance to go on a college visit at the end of the year. The girls will be able to visit six to eight Indiana colleges and/or universities. Last year, four YWIL girls visited Washington D.C.  where they had the chance to participate in Take Our Daughters to Congress Day. The girls got to shadow congresswomen and see what a day in their lives was like.

At the end of the program, YWIL girls celebrate their hard work at a graduation reception. Each girl presents a final project that highlights leadership qualities and future educational and career goals. Check back next month for an update about how this year’s YWIL girls are doing!

Thanks to a generous gift of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust in honor of Harriet Ivey, and to the Comcast Foundation for supporting this program.