I am sad that my time at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis has come to an end. But I am extremely happy I was given the opportunity to be the Public Relations (PR) Intern. I have learned so much throughout my time here. I am now more confident in my writing skills, posting on social media, and creating a press release. Having this internship reassured me that I am where I need to be; majoring in communication studies.

Entering my junior year of college only brings excitement because I still have time to learn and gain valuable experience. Girls Inc. has opened doors for me and given me the enthusiasm to seek more PR opportunities. Although my role was mainly PR, I did learn about each department and how they come together to work as a whole. Not-for-Profits are unique and rewarding organizations.

But it is not all about the work I did, it is also about the great people I have met. The ladies at Girls Inc. are passionate about the mission, their role at Girls Inc., and their motivation to empower girls of Greater Indianapolis. Something I will miss is the laughter that fills the office. We may be working hard, but there is still time to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Oh, can’t forget the chocolate-filled bowls!

In my opinion, Girls Inc. needs to be everywhere. Through the Girls Inc. programs, the girls learn to love themselves, to be confident, to care for others, to prepare for college, and much more. While I was at summer camp, I was able to see first-hand the work the volunteers put in and the impact those who donate have on the girls. They are absolutely happy being at summer camp; shy at the beginning, but strong, smart, and bold at the end.

Honestly, I can say I had the best internship anyone could ever wish for!  Girls Inc.’s mission-to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, bold- is something I will never forget. In fact, I already feel strong, smart, and bold!