Dani Neal PSC 2We are lucky to have an amazing team at Girls Inc. working to empower girls every day. Get to know one of our newest Girls Inc. team members, Dani Neal:

What will be your role at Girls Inc.?

My role at Girls Inc. will be to support our program partners, volunteers, and girls on the west side of Indianapolis. I get to work with the best people – those who educate and those who give their time to empower girls. We are all striving after the same goal to see girls become healthy, educated, and independent and I get to help see that come to fruition.

What about the Girls Inc. mission appeals to you?

I love that Girls Inc. is helping to change the lives of girls by giving them the tools they need to become strong, smart, and bold women. I was fortunate to have several strong women in my life that encouraged me and helped me believe that I could do anything I set my mind too. I feel blessed to work for an organization that seeks to do the same for girls all over Indianapolis.

What makes you feel strong, smart, and bold?

I feel strong when I stand firm in my beliefs and values and don’t allow myself to compromise even if it means life is easier. I always feel smart when I accomplish something I thought was impossible or too difficult for me to do, especially when it comes to car or home repairs. Just ask my old roommate about a ‘waterfall’ in our basement! Relationships are hard work, but I feel bold when I allow myself to be authentic and transparent in them, especially as a wife, mother, and friend.

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