Hoover Family FounationThanks to the generosity of the Hoover Family Foundation, greater Indianapolis girls will have a chance to foster self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life. Girls Inc. is thrilled to have a $10,000 grant from Hoover to help deliver both Strong, Healthy Relationships and Bold, Empowered Girls programming.

Our Strong programs address the challenges girls may face in fostering friendships, coping with bullying, developing self-esteem, navigating puberty, and responding to peer pressure. Bold programs also address self-esteem, while encouraging girls to develop a positive body image, dispel gender stereotypes encountered in the media, and learn self-defense skills that increase their personal safety.

As an organization interested in improving an individual’s capabilities and circumstances at any age, the Hoover Family Foundation is the perfect supporter of our Strong and Bold programming. Through its work, Hoover supports enriched education and social service organizations in Indianapolis and Portland, Oregon and increases the ability of these organizations to provide effective services.

Thank you to the Hoover Family Foundation for helping greater Indianapolis girls grow into healthy, educated, independent women!