Brittani Caddell

Since participating in her first program in January 2014, Brittani Caddell has signed up for every program cycle and we couldn’t be happier that she is leading her fifth program with us this winter! Always dependable, thoughtful, and determined, she has been an exceptional role model for all Girls Inc. girls.

What have you enjoyed about volunteering with Girls Inc.?

“All of the girls are so full of personality! My hour with them is always a refreshing break from my day to day. They are funny and talented and endearing. Not only am I (hopefully) teaching the girls each week, they teach me something new every week as well.”

Does any facilitation memory stand out to you?

Brittani:  “At the end of my very first six-week program experience with Girls Inc., one girl who was very shy and had admitted that she had a tough time making friends stood up in front of all of us and sang a song she had written. It brought tears to my eyes. Not only because she has a beautiful voice, but because right at that moment she was a perfect example of becoming strong, smart and bold.”

Why do you think Girls Inc. is beneficial to girls?

“The programs and the curriculum not only focus on how to improve an individual, but also on relationships and respect for our fellow women. These days especially, healthy relationships between women are devalued and we seem to discourage girls from respecting other women – as seen through the media and entertainment they are fed each day. Girls Inc. confronts these issues in programs like Redefining Beauty and Work It Out.”

Have you noticed any changes in your own life since volunteering with Girls Inc.?

“Definitely! I’ve started to check the type of media and entertainment I indulge in more often and if there’s no time for makeup in the morning I feel empowered to just go without! For instance, I felt conflicted one morning as I was getting ready for Redefining Beauty …I was naturally inclined to risk being late for the sake of “putting on my face,” but I couldn’t make the girls wait while I contradicted the lesson for the day!”

Thank you, Brittani, for supporting Girls Inc.!

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