The new Dove “Love Your Curls” campaign is about embracing all different kinds of beauty. A survey of 859 women revealed that only ten percent of respondents believed their hair was beautiful. Dove also found that only four out of ten girls feel that their naturally curly hair is beautiful.


The girls featured discuss their negative feelings about their hair, with some saying, “I want my hair to be straight,”  “It doesn’t feel good to have curly hair,” and, “Sometimes I just want to rip it all out.”

The video features a song that encourages girls to let their curls loose and not keep them hidden. Dove encouraged the family and friends of the girls to let their curls loose to prove how beautiful everyone can feel in their own skin–and hair!

After seeing their family and friends celebrating their unique hair, the girls are then taken to a surprise party celebrating the beauty of curly hair, helping the girls realize their hair isn’t something to be ashamed of, but to be celebrated.

The girls in our Redefining Beauty programs learn that, regardless of hair type, height, weight, or any other outer marker, true beauty comes from within. At Girls Inc., we work to help girls embrace what makes them unique and different, and learn to love and celebrate themselves just the way they are.