L_WenningWe are lucky to have a dedicated crew working diligently to meet our mission. Learn more about the newest addition to our team, Lindsay Wenning:

What will be your role at Girls Inc.?

I will be the Public Relations Intern at Girls Inc. I will be posting on Facebook, Twitter and “The Inspiration Project” blog. I will also be helping with the Enewsletters and anything else that the Public Relations department needs me to do!

What about the Girls Inc. mission appeals to you?

The mission of Girls Inc. appeals to me because I think that every girl should be comfortable in their own skin. During my Pre-K years, my parents got divorced. Through that process, I watched my mom learn and grow as a woman. She grew stronger as time went on. She was already smart, but I know she had to learn how to be a single mom. Most importantly, my mom was bold. She did anything she had to do to provide for me. She has taught me that you should love yourself no matter what you are going through. I feel like I was raised to believe in what Girls Inc. does.

What makes you feel strong, smart, and bold?

I feel strong when I can do something that I didn’t originally think that I could do. Getting this internship made me feel strong. I feel smart when I can help others learn. I love to teach others and when people understand what I am teaching them, I feel so smart! I feel bold when I go out on a limb. I transferred schools and didn’t know anyone. Through the process, I had to meet new people and really come out of my shell. Now I feel like I can talk to anyone!