We recently collaborated with Girl Scouts of Central Indiana and the IU School of Informatics STARS (Science, Technology and Research Scholars) to learn all about virtual reality, video game creation and production, and using Photoshop. This event, focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) had nearly 30 total people in attendance, including six girls with Girls Inc.

A wonderful group of girls, ranging from middle school to high school aged, participated in the event. Some girls were with specific Girl Scout troops and others were not. Some of the Girls Scouts that did not attend with a troop were paired with Girls Inc. girls.

Adrianne Slash, Program Support Coordinator, said, “It was neat because all of our girls kind of hung tight together. They found a way to bond with each other even though they didn’t really know each other.”

Participants started off in the virtual reality lab. In this room, the girls had an opportunity to build their own virtual world and then navigate someone through it. They then moved on to the advanced visualization lab. This room had huge monitors that broke down the visual aspects of the virtual world. The girls learned about why these screens are needed and how virtual reality worlds are brought together.


The last room they visited contained a green screen. All of the girls posed in front of the green screen and then used Photoshop to place themselves in different scenes from around the world. Through this process, the girls saw how easy it is to manipulate a picture.

“They got to use Photoshop for good and not for bad,” said Slash.

The girls really enjoyed the last room that they were in. It displayed artwork from video games that IUPUI students had made. The room showed them that they are capable of making games of their own someday. We are thankful to the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana and the IU School of Informatics STARS for our ongoing partnerships.