If you’ve ever volunteered for Girls Inc., chances are you know and love at least one of our Program Support Coordinators. These women are an integral part of making our outreach program model so effective.


They work with almost 100 partner schools and organizations where we deliver programs to accommodate schedules, keep communication open, and ensure that each partner’s needs and expectations are met.

They are personal coaches, trainers, and liaisons for our hundreds of volunteer program facilitators, leading trainings, observing and facilitating programs, and ensuring that each volunteer has all the tools she needs to succeed.

They keep our Girls Inc. curriculum current, topical, and well-researched, they track and analyze program outcomes each cycle to constantly improve our methods, and, most importantly, they help make sure the needs of our Girls Inc. girls are being met in every way possible.

We couldn’t deliver empowering Girls Inc. programs to more than 4,000 Greater Indianapolis girls each year without them!

If you ever wondered what these amazing ladies are doing all day as they zip around Greater Indianapolis from program to program, Ashley Miser put together the following guide to an average day for our program staff with the help of Attitude Bear–the unofficial Girls Inc. mascot.

Emails and scheduling
Emails and scheduling


Toting materials 




Leading and substituting


Coaching and observing


Getting stuck in traffic jams

Supporting IPS

Supporting IPS, township schools, charter schools, after-school centers, and churches


 Supporting and encouraging girls


Late afternoon lunches


Research, trainings, data entry

Partner meetings

Partner meetings


Staying hydrated and caffeinated



Rush hour

Evening rush hour


Keeping up team morale


And last but certainly not least: inspiring Greater Indianapolis girls.

Thank you to our fabulous program support coordinators!