Featured Volunteer Judy Donner

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Judy Donner and Brittany Smith began their volunteer experiences as strangers, but since pairing up have become one of our most dynamic, encouraging, and determined volunteer teams. Their passion for the mission, dedication to the girls, and their support for each other has allowed them to shine as role models for our girls and other volunteers. Read on to learn more about their experience volunteering together.

Why did you choose to volunteer with Girls Inc.?

Brittany: “I remember seeing a display by Girls Inc. of strong female leaders in Indianapolis while in college. That day I said to myself, ‘one day I hope to make an impact like these women.”

Judy: “It was important for me to share knowledge about the need to be self-sufficient. When I looked into Girls Inc. I saw the variety of curriculum offered – one of which was Economic Literacy. It struck a chord because I believe the choices we make in life depend on our ability to be self-sufficient – to not have a dependence on any other person for well-being.”

Why do you think Girls Inc. is beneficial to girls?

Judy: “I hope the programs make the girls think about the content. If they’re getting an allowance, how do they budget to make it last until the next allowance? If they want to leave home as soon as they graduate, can they really afford to do it on their own? When they look at Kim Kardashian and Maya Angelou, I want them to think about what each contributes to the world.”

Brittany: “Girls Inc. programs equip young woman with the tools to be independent and confident individuals. The gatherings are a sacred place in which everyone can share struggles and discover that they’re not alone. As a bonus, I’ll share stories of my own awkward middle/high school years.”

Does any facilitation memory stand out to you?

Judy: “During one of my first programs, there was a teen girl who was very quiet. She never participated or said a word during the group meetings. Yet, one day another girl was upset by something someone said to her and she moved away from the others and muttered “no one wants to be with me.” The quiet girl got up without saying a word, and went and sat with the distraught girl. Others followed. It was a very moving moment.”

Any tips for Volunteer Program Facilitators regarding working as a team?

Brittany: “Bounce off of your fellow coordinator and recognize strengths – this helps in splitting up the dialogue.”

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