Girls Inc. Project Bold® is all about helping girls keep themselves safe, through giving them the skills, strategies, and support for personal safety and safety in their communities.

For the last day of our week on Fox 59 morning news, girl participant Raina, Director of Programs LaTasha, and CEO Pat talked to anchor Angela Ganote about why self-defense programming like Project Bold is important for girls.

“We’re teaching the girls about self-safety,” LaTasha said. “It is very important for them to trust their feelings and if they feel concerned about a situation to tell a trusted adult.”

“We teach them self-defense moves and techniques, as well as to use their voice and their mind, in case they feel like they’re in trouble” she continued. “And to most importantly, get away, if the scene doesn’t feel comfortable to them.”

See Raina and Pat talk about Project Bold:

Raina shared what she took away from her experience in Project Bold.

“I learned about being more aware of my surroundings, and not to put myself in dangerous situations,” said Raina, “and I also learned self-defense techniques, which I haven’t had to use yet.”

Also make sure to watch the first segment with LaTasha and Pat to see LaTasha share the ways she sees girls become more empowered through completing the program.

“They start feeling safer in their homes and in their communities, because they understand these self-defense techniques,” LaTasha said. “They also understand that they  have the right to be safe, so if they feel concerned about something going on, they can go tell a trusted adult.”


Pat closed by sharing the ways community members like you can support the work we do in Girls Inc.! We need volunteers and donations to keep up our work for girls. Any way that you’re able to give can help girls like the ones we’ve watched this week–Anyea, D’Janae, Jordan, and Raina–have empowering experiences that inspire them to be their strong, smart, and bold selves.

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