One troubling trend for girls in Indiana and across the U.S. is known as the STEM gap–the fact that while girls show equal ability with boys in the academic fields that relate to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, by the time they are finishing high school, girls are showing less interest in these fields, and are much less likely than boys to pursue majors and careers in these sectors.

We had the chance to appear for our second morning on Fox 59 news this week and focus in on that issue, as well as the importance of starting early teaching strong financial literacy to girls.


“Our mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold,” Girls Inc. CEO Patricia Wachtel told anchor Angela Ganote. “That includes inspiring girls to understand that they can have any kind of career that they want, and that they should be looking at careers in science and technology and math.”

Watch the first segment, with Pat, Angela, and volunteer Linda Hicks:

“It is OK right now to say, I pick that job because it’s got a good salary,” said volunteer Lori Manning in a clip shown during the segment. “And it’s OK to say, I’m doing that job and it doesn’t make a lot of money, but I love it and I’m passionate about it and the money doesn’t matter to me.”

Volunteer Linda Hicks, who is an engineer by profession, shared her message for girls regarding STEM:

“I think girls need to be confident that they can be aggressive and apply those math and science skills, and not dumb themselves down,” she said. “If you’re really good at math and science, you shouldn’t be… afraid that you’re not going to be popular because you’re smart.”

In the second segment of the morning, girl participant D’Janae shared what she’s learned about money management in our Economic Literacy program. Watch:

“I learned that it’s important to have your money right and not to just spend it on clothes and shoes, but to…be smart about it,” D’Janae said.

When asked about the most important message she teaches girls in Economic Literacy, Linda Hicks responded:

“That they are in control of their money…what the difference is between what you need and what you might want and how to balance that. And that you can take your passion and your skills and have a great career…and make the money that aligns with your vision for what you want to do.”



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