Girls Inc. programs are all about addressing the unique needs of girls today. Our Work It Out program focuses on healthy friendships and conflict resolution.

We were so excited to sit down with Angela Ganote on Fox 59 this morning for the first day a week-long “Girl Power” special report. Today we talked Work It Out and about how girls can develop the self-esteem and empathy needed to be good friends and choose good friends.


First, our CEO Patricia Wachtel and Girls Inc. volunteer and board member Lisa Orr talked about the Girls Inc. mission to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold, and the importance of giving girls tools to work out conflict.

“A lot of the girls, there’s things that are going on at home. We teach them to keep that in mind when they’re dealing with their friends,” Lisa Orr said. “They might not be directing that to you. It may because they’re upset. We try to put them in that place–Have you been sad before?  Have you been bullied before? This is how it feels.”

Lisa shared what she feels are some of the most important messages that Girls Inc. communicates to girls.

“It’s OK to love yourself,” she said. “It’s OK to say good things about yourself. And it’s OK to be friends with each other—you don’t have to compete, you all can be unique. You all can do your own thing.”

Watch Lisa and Pat talking about building healthy friendships!

For the next segment of the morning, Girls Inc. participant Anyea shared her experience with Work It Out and learning to be a good friend.

“These programs helped me build my confidence up….I don’t let anything affect me,” Anyea told Angela. “It helps a lot of girls to build confidence and have someone to come to and share their problems….Young girls nowadays don’t really have strong role models to look up to.”

Anyea shared what she felt was the most important thing she’d learned from participating in Work It Out.

“The most helpful thing in the Work It Out program is how to make a friend….and what qualities you want in a friend,”  she said. “And we learned about respect, empathy, and fairness, and that really comes in part because I know a lot of girls don’t have that in their friendships, what they really need.”


“I know a few girls–cause I’ve experienced it before–that sometimes they feel alone because their friends leave them out,” Anyea shared.

“After the first week of the program I just saw [other girls] light up. It was really awesome.”

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