The 2013 Girls Inc. Summer Day Camp was a whirlwind month for 80 girls, who learned how to invent their own futures through a fun-filled schedule of activities designed to build their knowledge about the world and their confidence in themselves and their abilities.


The girls started the month off with the STRONG-themed week of camp–building their athletic abilities and competing in a ZUMBA® dance-off, learning techniques for resolving conflict with friends, and practicing CPR and child safety in Safe Sitter® classes.


Throughout the next SMART week, the girls designed and coded their own video games with Coder Dojo volunteers, practiced self-defense moves, and worked on business plans to open their own shops and venues for the Economic Literacy Carnival. Our BOLD girls redefined their idea of beauty and looked critically at media messages, scaled walls at Climb Time Indy, and flexed their creative muscles at the Indianapolis Art Center.


The girls had many opportunities to expand their horizons outside of camp. They visited Indiana University and Ivy Tech to start preparing for college, experimented at the Bloomington Wonder Lab, and learned about nutrition and sustainability at Distelrath Farms and Traders Point Creamery. Thank you to all the community partners who provided such great experiences for our girls!


To wrap up camp and INSPIRED week, the girls put on their annual summer camp talent show in a gym bursting with their enthusiasm and support for one another. The girls cheered each other on as they confidently shared their unique abilities, ready to meet their futures—and the next school-year—head-on.